Safe Kids Grand Forks Enters The World Of Blogging!!

Welcome to the Safe Kids Grand Forks blog site. We were honored when Cassie Walder of WDAZ television approached us to create a blog that would be hosted by their site. The mission of Safe Kids Grand Forks is to prevent unintentional injuries and deaths to children under age 14. We are one of over 600 state and local coalitions associated with Safe Kids Worldwide in Washington D.C. The goal of Safe Kids Grand Forks is to get information into the hands of children, parents, caregivers and anyone who has contact with kids so as to keep them safe. Parenting is an important job and one that comes with very few “instructions” and little or no “orientation”. Safe Kids Grand Forks will use this site as a way to disseminate information that parents and caregivers may find helpful as they raise their children. Every once in awhile, I hear a comment such as “I grew up just fine without a bike helmet or car seat , why do we need to be so ‘safety crazy’ now”? My response to that is that we have learned a great deal over time. 100 years ago, we didn’t have antibiotics to fight illnesses either and as we have gotten smarter, made discoveries and found effective ways to keep healthy and safe, we owe it to our kids to protect them in any way that we can. We want kids to grow up having fun but knowing that unintentional injuries are the NUMBER ONE KILLER of children under age 14, we need to do more and learn more to prevent these types of deaths and injuries from occurring. I hope you will find our information useful as we “blog our way to safety”. Thanks for joining us and if you have questions along the way, you can get more information at or by becoming our friend on Facebook (Safe Kids Grand Forks). Need specific information on a topic? Please contact us at and we will provide it as we are able. Thanks for joining us for “Together, we can keep kids safe!!”