Travel Safety: Whether By Planes, Trains, Or Automobiles

Warm weather often brings travel to the lake, a visit to relatives or exploring in other states or places of interest. Besides keeping kids safe in their mode of transportation, there are lots of other considerations that need to be made when preparing for travel. Here are some suggestions from Safe Kids Grand Forks to keep your family and kids safe while traveling and away from home.

~ Be sure to check with airlines to see what seats they allow on planes. Usually only ones with a harness system are allowed to be used on the airplane seat. Others must be checked as luggage. If you need a seat at your final destination, determine that need ahead of time in case car seat rental companies don’t have them to rent. Safe Kids does have some travel vest options available for use for a donation to our coalition.

~ Be aware that you need to follow the laws in each state you are driving through. Therefore, if you cross states with differing ages for kids to be in car seats, you must abide by the laws in each of those states. Check out for a list of car seat laws by state.

~ Think about what activities your family will be doing while on vacation. If you are participating in water sports, be sure you will have access to life jackets. Maybe horse back riding is in your plans; think ahead for helmet needs and assure that there are helmets to fit the ages of your children.

~ When packing your suitcase, be sure to keep all medications in their original containers. This will usually assure that they have child resistant covers and if there is a medication exposure, it will be easier to identify the exposure and how many pills were accessed.

~ When arriving at a hotel or resort area, be sure to check your fire escape route. These are usually posted on the doors of hotel rooms, but knowing where the exits are PRIOR to an emergency is always helpful.

~ Make yourself aware of conditions in the water that may not be familiar to your home locations. For example, rip currents, tides and the undertow may not be something your swimmers are accustomed to. Swim in areas where there are lifeguards and follow posted warnings.

~ If you are traveling with small children, think about childproofing the hotel rooms where you are staying. Throw a few extra outlet covers in your suitcase and consider a door knob cover for the bathroom.

~ Check hotel pool areas for fencing or locked access gates so kids that wander off cannot get into the pool area.

~ Read and follow height recommendations for amusement park rides. These are posted for the safety of the riders and should be adhered to.

For more information on summer travel safety, contact Safe Kids Grand Forks at Altru Health System is proud to serve as the lead agency for Safe Kids Grand Forks.

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