Safe Kids Grand Forks Talks Bike Helmets

Summer is in full swing and kids are wheeling their bikes out in the nice weather. It is important for both parents and children to remember to wear their helmets at all times when riding a bike. Helmets are 85% effective in reducing head injuries. Head injuries can cause life altering injuries, disabilities, or even death. It is important for parents to set the example and wear helmets when riding, not just as a role model for children, but for their own protection.

Here are some injury statistics concerning wheeled sports activities:

  • On average over 80 children 14 and under are killed in cycle-related incidents.
  • Over 200,000 children are injured in cycle-related crashes each year.
  • Each year, over 60,000 children 14 and under are injured while using skateboards, inline skates or scooters.
  • Head-injury is the leading cause of wheeled sports-related deaths and the most important determinant of permanent disability after a crash.

Here’s the good news:

  • Since 1988, bicycle injury deaths have decreased by 78%.
  • Nationwide, the use of wheeled sports helmets by children has increased from 15% to nearly 45%.
  • Bicycle helmets have been proven to decrease the risk of a brain injury by almost 90%.

Wearing a helmet for wheeled sports is the single most effective way to prevent serious injury or death.

This is a bicycle helmet. If you fall off your bike, you are most likely to hit the side or front of your head. This helmet protects those parts of your head. It is for bike riding only – it should not be used for any other wheeled sports, as it does not provide adequate protection!

This is a multi-sport helmet. It can be used for all non-motorized wheeled sports (inline skating, skateboarding, scooter, bicycling). If you fall when doing some of these activities, you are most likely to hit the back, side or front of your head. This helmet protects those parts of your head.

This is a toddler helmet. It is usually used by children who ride on tricycles as they tend to tip over backwards and thus need additional protection at the base of the brain. This helmet looks a lot like a multi-sport helmet.

If you would like to purchase bike helmets at a reduced price, Safe Kids Grand Forks has two types of helmets available for both adults and children.

Bike helmets are available for $8, and are to be used exclusively on bikes.

Multi-sport helmets are also available, which can be used for skateboarding, biking, rollerblading, and on scooters. The multi-sport helmets cost $12 each.

Both bike and multi-sport helmets come in a variety of colors.

For more information, contact Safe Kids Grand Forks at Altru Health System is proud to serve as the lead agency for Safe Kids Grand Forks.

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